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Feb 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
were strong, especially for the more profitable pick-up truck segment. ford's 22% increase in january sales compared to a year ago led the u.s. based manufacturers. g.m. and chrysler sales were up 16% each. it was the strongest january in five years for chrysler. and toyota's u.s. sales climbed 27%. ford and g.m. stocks didn't move much, up a half percent and a third of a percent respectively. but toyota jumped 2.9% to a new 52 week high. meantime, two energy giants reported strong fourth quarter profits. exxon earnings were 20 cents per share above estimates even though energy production dropped. chevron also had better than expected fourth quarter earnings per share, 24 cents above estimates. it was helped by refining cheaper oil, leading to higher profit margins. chevron shares saw the bigger boost, up 1.2%. exxon gained a fraction. four of the five most actively traded exchange traded funds were up. the s&p 500 volatility note fell more than 5%, as it usually moves in the opposite direction of the market. and that's tonight's market focus. >> tom: despite the rise in the unemploym
Feb 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
fight over how much the eu spends and done what continues. >> a shocking discovery ford u.k. consumers. a brand of ready-made lasagna contained horse meat rather than beef. the manufacturers withdrew it on monday but say they do not believe there is not a -- they do not believe there is a safety problem. the eating of horse meat is quite a taboo. a member of the u.s. commerce community faces a long prison sentence for his role in a series of attacks in which victims hair and beards were forcibly cut off -- a member of the u.s. amish community. he and 15 members of his breakaway group were found guilty of five hate crimes in the american state of ohio. heavy snowfall started in the northeast of the united states. it is the beginning of what is predicted to be a massive, even historic, a blizzard. people have been stocking up on food and other supplies ahead of the storm, which is poised to dump up to a meter of snow from new york city to boston and beyond. the parents of a teenage girl shot dead days after appearing at president obama's inauguration have told the bbc that american gun l
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
citizens. abraham lincoln suspended habeas corpus, jerry ford had to outlaw assassinations because when he became president he found out there was a recommendation to assassinate fidel castro. so we do make mistakes. and the fact that the president-- yes t is-- we don't put americans into con bat situation, they're not combat situation. the fact that neighborhoods in yemen are being hit by drones is known by the people in the neighborhoods in yemen. that's no secret to them. it's been a secret to us. and i just think the failure to debate that has been a failure of us in the press but a failure of political leadership as well. >> woodruff: and this accusation that the president is guilty of hypocrisy because of what he said during the campaign, what said early in his presidency, is that a fair -- >> it's a fair-- i think the president has to make the case. i mean you know, because he certainly, his position now is entirely different. david's right. he has a different responsibility now than he had then. and it is kind of neat. and you don't have the civilian casualties that you do when
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)